Basic values and visions

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Our vision

Naprapathy is to play a big ative role in society’s health care and is to be the primary form of care when it comes to back and joint pain. With a view on the entirety, commitment and professional caring, Sweden’s naprapaths is to contribute to a higher quality of life for every individual and lead the development towards increased public health. On the way there we will immerse our theoretical base through cooperation with other working for science and education, at the same time as we increase the respect for our unique manual skills.

Our position

You are important to us! We listen to you, care for you and do everything we can to help you. We know what we do and we are proud over our profession - you’re in safe hands when you’re with us. We challenge you to take your own responsibility and motivate you to succeed. We will not give up until you’re satisfied. You should experience us as the best choice - your naprapath will always treat you well.


We are brave and dare to be creative in our profession - nothing is impossible for us. To be curious and always try to be the best is courage. To give a better treatment than what is expected is also courage. To be brave is do dare. Daring puts high demands on confidence and independence - we dare to be proud over our knowledge at the same time as we are humble about other’s knowledge. We are constantly developing through walking our own way.


We work with the thing we find most pleasant the entire world. With a warm heart and a big commitment we tackle our daily challenges. Our passion is to give the best caring possible and we will not give up until we succeed. We are generous and feel joy in our work with out customers - the patients. The positive relations between our colleagues are strong. We are creative, active and strong-willed - the joy we feel for our profession lays a foundation for constant development.


We know what we are talking about, we are honest and create trust. Our knowledge is wide and vast and is built on long experience. We are skilled labourers and our interventions are always built on a thorough analysis. We are comfortable and always see new possibilities. At the same time we are self-critical and dare to accept challenges. We take responsibility and that makes us professional. We give responsibility which motivates the customer/patient to become more active in their treatment. Our competence gives ut the ability to constantly improve.

All humans are of equal worth

The naprapath treats all humans equally. Patients who meet naprapaths should be treated well and feel safe.

The patient is the focal point

The naprapath always wants what is best for the patient, and will do his or hers best in order to accomplish a good result. The naprapaths’ high competence guarantees a professional caring, and a well encountering for all patients.


Naprapaths are very proud over their profession, and manage their business with high competence - both professionally and socially. Everything we do is characterized by a big commitment and by empathy.

Increased public health

The naprapath has understood the importance with working for an increased public health - for an increasement of the individual's quality of life. Our view of mankind makes the work towards our vision possible.


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