Forum on Manual Medicine

FoMM (Forum on Manual Medicine) is the largest congress in advanced manual medicine.

It is organized every year by the Swedish Naprapathic Association.

FoMM 2016

 MG 2965

Theme: Pain - from science to clinical connoisseurship

Location: Aronsborg conference hotel, Bålsta and Naprapathögskolan, Stockholm. An extended pre congress with very good workshops, a strong lineup of lecturers on the day of the congress, Anja Persson as guest lecturer, a lot of good exhibitors, Sweden's most fun banquet dinner and a finish that goes in line with naprapathy… FoMM 2016 will be something extraordinary!

Forum of Manual Medicine, The Swedish Naprapathic Association’s yearly congress, has Pain as this year's theme. The goal is to tie up current science with clinical practice and manual medicine, and also to demonstrate that there are a clear connection between a biopsychosocial approach and biomechanical knowledge.

Wednesday the 13th of April and Thursday the 14th of April we invest a lot in an extended and high quality pre congress, consisting out of three very interesting full day workshops - the same workshops is held both days, which means that you as a participant has opportunity to go to two of them and meet two very intriguing lecturers. Professor Andry Vleeming is one of the world’s best authorities within lower back and pelvic pain and holds the workshop; ¨Understanding Pelvic Girldle Pain¨. Greg Leman, chiropractor and physiotherapist, has his workshop with the theme; ¨Symptom modification as a manual therapy guide: how biomechanics and pain science research simplify our treatment¨ and Kajrtan Vibe Fersum, the physiotherapist who was a very appreciated lecturer at FoMM 2015 holds the workshop; ¨Changing pain and movement behavior in low back patients¨.

We hold all workshops in Naprapathögskolan’s nice and well adapted rooms in Kräftriket close to the centre of Stockholm. There is a maximum of 35 participants in every workshop and the first ones to sign up gets to take part of them. The pre congress is open for all, but members in SNF is given priority and during the first registration days the ones who buys packages is prioritized (see the registration site). For those of you participating in a workshop on the thursday and is going to Aronsborg after, transport will be supplied.

Friday the 15th of April is the day of congress and just like previous years we have assembled a very, very good starting field with lecturers. The theme is “Pain; from science to clinical connoisseurship” and here Professor Andry Vleeming and Dr. Greg Lehman is accompanied by Professor Lars Edvinsson, one of the world’s head authorities within headache and migraine, and also by Surgeon general Thomas Lundberg, one of Sweden’s head experts within pain and pain research. The theme will be illustrated from different perspectives and the clinical connection is as always clear. Moderator for the day is Dr. Eva Skillgate who accompanied with the naprapath Vesa tabell will present what is new when it comes to research within the naprapathy cooperative.

For the first time last year we had an inspirational lecture and this year we would like as many as possible to participate of it. That is why we have chosen to put it as the finish of the day of the congress. We are very proud and happy to have booked one of the world’s head athletes, Anja Pärson. Anja has after her carrier, except from being one of SVT:s most appreciated expert commentators, developed a prized series of lectures where she gives an insight in her carrier and talks about “Inspiration, motivation and courage”. The friday night will, per usual, be finished with Sweden’s best and most fun banquet dinner. The congress and the banquet dinner is open for everyone.

Saturday the 16 of April is the last day and will be all about naprapathy. We start with two very interesting lectures where the naprapath Martin Asker and Peter Viklund wield clinical reasoning about examination and treatment strategies when it comes to shoulder and lower back pain. This is followed with a presentation of the best degree project of the year at Naprapathögskolan. SNF:s board of directors and employees inform about current projects and the upcoming year. There will also be lots of time for discussion. The saturday is finished with SNF:s annual meeting. The saturday is only open for members in the Swedish Naprapathic Association.


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