Forum on Manual Medicine

FoMM (Forum on Manual Medicine) is the largest congress in advanced manual medicine.

It is organized every year by the Swedish Naprapathic Association.

FoMM 2014


FoMM 2014, The Swedish Naprapathic Associations’ congress was held at Aronsborg conference hotel in Bålsta. During the congress a new participant record was set, with 528 participants. The theme for this year was “Running and running injuries; prevention, treatment and rehabilitation” and as usual lectures and workshops was held with a high scientific level and a clear clinical connection.

On the night before the day of the congress interesting workshops was held by Dr. Andrew Franklyn-Miller; “It is not compartment syndrome, but rather overload syndrome” and by Christian Barton, physiotherapeut and scientist; “Orthopaedist techniques and tape of patellofemoral pain”.

The day of the congress consisted out of five presentations where Franklyn- Miller and Barton was accompanied by Professor Toni Arndt from the Gymnastic and Sports University in Stockholm. Franklyn-Miller presented current science with clinical connection about coxa and groin complaints. Barton focused on issues with the knee, and Arndt focused on his area of expertise: the foot and its biomechanics. The day was finished with a panel discussion on the theme: “Barefoot running counter traditional shoe running”.

The day after the congress was contributed to the Swedish Naprapathic Association’s organisation and annual meeting, but also to interesting workshops on the same theme; “Pulse training” with Tomas Bylon, “Running School” with Bjørn Sverre Hjellødegård, “How do I as a clinician diagnose and treat dysfunctions in the lower limb leads with runners?” with Nidal Awad, and also “Build a correct running physics - Screening, analysis and corrective functional program design” with Joakim Dettner.

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