Neck and shoulder pain

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Complaints in neck and shoulders includes pain, ache or reduced function in one, or both body parts. These affections can vary in difficulty and can last during shorter or longer periods of time. The complaints often reappear in cases where muscular imbalance remain due to too little activity and training and too much static work. Pain in neck and shoulders often depend on an incorrect work position or a long lasting unilateral strain. The causes can also be of a psychosocial character - stress and bad opportunities to affect your work environment can be examples of that. An imbalance between the front and the back of the shoulder where the chest musculature is stronger sometimes occur, and can lead to tired and aching muscles on the back of the shoulder. The combination of work related causes and inactivity is common when it comes to these forms of complaints.

Besides from manual treatment with a naprapath the patient often needs to change his or hers work environment, way to work and activity level. Shorter working periods and bigger variety is arrangements that can reduce the risk of reappearing of the problems. Training and stretching in combination is often efficient to create better function. Ergonomic changes is of great importance since you then change a big negative vulnerability for the body.


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