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Migraine implies reappearing seizures of headache which amongst other things can be triggered by certain eyestrain and state of tension in the neck muscles. It is not clear why migraine develops, but it is a complicated interaction between nerves and blood vessels in the brain which occur during the migraine seizures.

The seizures can arise both with or without warning. Signs on that a seizure is about to arise can be sight fenomens or impact on the tactility, the aura phenomena. The headache is often located on one side, exploding, pounding and hurts so much that you get sound and light sensitive, nauseous, and perhaps even make you vomit. This means that it starts off as a tension headache and then transcend into a migraine seizure. In order to separate which type of headache you are suffering from you can use a so called headache diary, which is distributed at the district health care centers. Bring the diary to your doctor or naprapath so that you can make the connections of what creates your headache together. The treatment is the same as for torticollis.

Manuel treatment can sometimes prevent or help patients with migraine, but other treatment methods are often needed as well. There are for example medicines which can be taken directly when symptoms for a seizure is starting to show. In order to prevent the seizures an important part is to examine what triggers them. Another method that help some is CBT, cognitive behaviour therapy.

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