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The word lumbago is usually used when it comes to sudden or gradual ache in above all the lower back. When you have lumbago you experience difficulty with walking straight and sit up from sitting or lying position. You can also experience symptoms such as sciatica or a lighter radiation to the breech or legs. The lumbago is a symptom in itself where you very seldom find an injury or any underlying disease. The pain can appear in many different structures of the back, for example in muscles, in joints between fetlocks, in lamellas and in leading-strings. Back pain and lumbago can also have psycho-sociological causes, and today we see that more people in stressful life situations have problems with back pain more often.

The naprapath practise a thorough clinical examination to rule out other possible causes for back pain such as for example intervertebral disk displacement. You will be directed to a doctor if the need lies. Acute lumbagos can sometimes be treated successfully with manual techniques and improvement often happens momentarily throughout the treatment. If you have felt pain during a longer period of time a bigger number of treatments might be needed before you get better. You will also receive advice regarding exercises and further arrangements that can help you avoid back pain in the future.


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