Knee pain


Knee pain can for example be caused by overload of the knee and its surrounding structures. A too fast increase of the strain when it comes to weight training, or incorrect training when it comes to new or old knee injuries is often triggering causes. Running is good exercise, but can cause knee complaints if you do not have the required requisites such as strength, flexibility and technique. A process in the training that goes too fast can also be a possible cause.

The naprapath will make a thorough examination in order to clarify the cause for the complaints, and sometimes a further examination made by an orthopaedist can be needed. The treatment is focused on coping with eventual lack in the knee joints and surrounding structures. The foot in connection with the shoe you are wearing, hip joints, the thoracic spine and the lower back can also be causes for why examination and treatment in these areas also can occur. To accomplish a good and long lasting result it usually requires that the treatment is combined with specific training and/or review of techniques.

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