Achilles' tendon complaints

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Pain in the Achilles’ tendon often hinge on acute injury or overload during a longer period of time. The acute injury can sometimes be caused by the tendon bursting, which leads to a bleed and swelling which also creates pain. The tendon can snap totally when violent and rapid overload occurs, and when this happens surgery is usually needed. Tenseness or weakness in the calf muscle can be possible causes to pain in the Achilles’ tendon. Common symptoms are morning stiffness, pain during and after activity, pressure tenderness and/or swelling on the tendon, cracking by movement, reduced strength and lameness. Complaints with the Achilles’ tendon often strike those who are active within sports on all levels, for example track and field athletes where running and jumping is included. The for example be unilateral strain, increased amount of training, a ground switch, overpronation, short calf muscles, reduced function in the ankles and bad shoes.

A naprapath will help you to estimate the sort of the injury and its degree of difficulty. If a suspicion of another cause is not existing, the naprapath will start the treatment which is aimed to recreate normal function in the foot and knee joints, and also in the muscles that can affect the complaints - mainly the calf muscle. After that the treatment consists out of training which can include weights as well as flexibility. Rehabilitation in combination with advice about continued training and shoes is of great importance.


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